Move4Fun meeting in Gijón, Spain

During the 8th and 9th of May, the Move4Fun consortium gathered in Gijón, Spain, to discuss the next steps of the project, specifically the APP, and to present the results achieved so far.

With representatives from all the project partners – Institute of Sport – National Research Institute, European Network for Innovation and Knowledge (EUNIK), Cuicui Studios, University of Lusofona, and Umeå University – the 11 experts met in Gijón Impulsa, on Wednesday, the 8th of May, to discuss the updates of the project, particularly the next steps for the development of the Move4Fun APP.

Now, with a finalised list of the games and features of the application, based on the research led during the months of the project, the project is moving forward with the design and development of the mobile application that will get children and teenagers across Europe moving in a fun way.

On the 9th of March, the consortium presented the project and the results achieved in an open class at the University of Oviedo titled “Fun as a Pedagogical Tool for Physical Activity”. During this dynamic event, targeted to pedagogy, physical education, and primary school teachers and students, the partners had the opportunity to share the outcomes of their work during the project and to give a short teaser of the Move4Fun APP. The presentations will be available online soon.

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