Hugo Vieira Pereira presenting the results of the Move4Fun project research at the Congresso Manz CIDEFES

On the 25th of November, Hugo Vieira Pereira, Professor at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of the University of Lusófona, and researcher at Move4Fun, presented a communication titled “Physical Activity Promotion Apps for Adolescents – Narrative review of key behaviour change techniques and central features” at the CIDEFES Congress Manz 2023

This presentation was based on the research done for the Move4un project within the tasks of the second work package, concerning the literature review of existing evidence for adolescents’ physical activity and the use of applications to support participation in physical activity.

The results of this research are the backbone of the development of the Move4Fun app, as it allowed for an understanding of the best practices and key features that make this type of technology effective and engaging for children and adolescents.

The CIDEFES Congress on Exercise and Health took place in Santarém, Portugal, on the 25th of November, and it featured a total of 24 presentations focused on the topics of sport, exercise, health, and physical education.

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