The European Network for Innovation and Knowledge (EUNIK) is a Foundation based in the Netherlands, but working internationally. EUNIK has been formed by higher education and R&D experts, with more than 15 years of experience working in the international field and with EU Grants management.

EUNIK’s Objectives:
· The design and implementation of Research & Development activities, as well as to promote competition with regard to public funding calls;
· The promotion and implementation of activities and actions to promote digitalisation in the field of education, culture and sport.
· To encourage international network cooperation between institutions, especially European, profit, and non-profit institutions that require support for the digitalisation of their activities.
· To provide support services for the network members, associates, and stakeholders.
· To bring Educational Management and Innovation know-how to the organisations.
Moreover, EUNIK aims to contribute to the EU and the Erasmus+ Scheme by supporting public and private bodies with their specific needs on knowledge management, eLearning and online education programmes’ implementation, and the digital transformation that will lead the EU to the next generation. There are thousands of organisations making great contributions to the EU strategy and its programmes, putting hands-on problem-solving and making relevant contributions to the cultural and scientific communities. But sometimes, the visibility and impact of these works, because of their traditional methodologies the impact do not reach their maximum.


Marcos López Flores, PhD

Bachelor’s in Sport Sciences, Master’s in Research and Innovation, and PhD in Sport Sciences.
Marcos has an extensive experience in the research field. He is not only an exercise physiology scientist but a specialist in using technology in the field of health and physical activity for promotion and monitoring. He is a developer himself, certified by Universidad de León. He also has an extended career as a scholar in several international universities, in research and management positions related to online learning, including Vice-Rector for International and Institutional Relations.

He is the CEO and Chairman of EUNIK, and an active researcher and IT manager in all the online courses and app development.

Maria Penado Abilléira, PhD

Bachelor’s in Psychology, Bachelor’s in Law, Bachelor’s in Criminology, Master’s in Higher Education Quality and Government, Master’s in Research and Innovation, and PhD in Psychology.

María has a large experience in the research field. She has published several research papers, and books, and participated in Erasmus+ projects over the last five years. She also has an extended career as a scholar in several international universities, in research and management positions, especially in online learning.

Sofia Laranjeiro

Sofia holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and two post-grads in Political Philosophy and Sociology. Experienced in education and digital marketing, she has worked as a project manager in health for different calls (Erasmus+, Horizon2020, EIT, etc.), with a special focus on dissemination and communication. She was involved in entrepreneurship and innovation training, as well as growing skills for minorities.
Her main interests in sport are related to inclusion, diversity, promoting healthy lifestyles, and making sure that the solutions and results reach the end-users.