Institute of Sport – National Research Institute has been established in Warsaw, Poland by Regulation of the Prime Minister in November 1977. Institute of Sport conducts broad research on physiological and psychological aspects of human behaviour in the context of sport and exercise. Institute of Sport has been involved in numerous European and national funded projects, aimed at supporting both, athletes as well as general population in terms of their physical activity levels. Some examples include Dual Career for Junior Athletes (DCJA), GE Force, Szkolny Klub Sportowy (SKS), or a Team 100 project. Extensive experience in the field as well as having access to organizations that work in the area of physical activity and well-being of adolescents put Institute of Sport as having large capacity to carry work for both, research and dissemination of the Move4Fun project.


Aneta Lemiesz, Project manager

She has experience in Erasmus + Sport projects mainly managing European grants taking the role of a project manager. Her areas of interest are Dual Career, Gender Equality and Physical Activity. She holds a bachelor degree in Economics and a master’s degree in Finance. She used to be a professional athlete, specializing in middle distance, currently performing in Masters category and holding World and European champion titles. Aneta is a full time employee of Institute of Sport responsible for running Management and Training Department.

Malgorzata Slawinska, PhD

She has a doctorate in sport and exercise psychology and a double master’s degree in sports diagnostics and sport psychology. She works as an assistant professor in Social Sciences department at Institute of Sport. Malgorzata is an expert researcher for other Erasmus+ Sport projects – Dual Carrier for Junior Athletes as well as GE Force. Malgorzata is published author in high impact factor scientific journals. Her research focuses on affective and cognitive processes in sport and exercise. 

Julia Karbowska 

Julia works as an assistant researcher in the Social Sciences Department at the Institute of Sport. Her work at the Institute involves carrying out research with aim of diagnostics and performance enhancement. Julia is a final year psychology student with sports background. She is a team member of other Erasmus+ Sport projects at the Institute of Sport.