Umeå University is one of Sweden’s largest universities with a strong background in community engagement both locally and internationally. It is one of Sweden’s Riksidrottsuniversitets (Designated Sport Universities) with extensive infrastructure and applied research in the areas of sport and physical activity. In particular, it is the only university in Europe to offer a licensed psychologist program with a focus upon sport and physical activity. The research infrastructure at Umeå University is ideally suited for undertaking research and needs analysis (WP2) as well as building e-learning/application content using a research informed evidence base (WP3).


Paul Davis, PhD

Paul Davis is the Professor of Psychology of Sport and Physical activity at the university and has been engaged in applied research internationally (e.g., Canada, UK, Sweden). He has coordinated research for the Swedish Sport Research Council and been involved with research promoting physical activity in youth for Public Health England as well as Premiership Football Club foundations in the UK. Further, he has worked extensively with indigenous populations in Canada on projects aiming to promote community health through the use of physical activity. Paul’s research focus is the role of emotion in motives to be physically active.

Markus Nyström, PhD

Markus Nyström is an Associate Professor of Psychology affiliated with Umeå University. He also works at Luleå University of Technology in the Department of Health, Learning, and Technology. He has vast experience in the field of clinical psychology and psychotherapy. In particular, he undertakes applied health and performance psychology work with athletes in ice hockey and golf.