The MOVE4FUN project’s general objective is to enhance physical activity among adolescents across Europe via innovative, evidence-based content offered in form of a mobile application. According to WHO, 81% of adolescents aged 11-17 are not sufficiently active. The decline in levels of physical activity is progressing fast and despite many efforts by national agencies, there is no success in reversing that trend. Recently, a new WHO guidance has been published which entailed that any engagement in physical activity is better than none. This is an important change as it shifts focus from highly structured interventions to programs for exercising and gives an opportunity to offer more engaging and more autonomous support to enhance physical activity.
Project MOVE4FUN employs that approach offering a bridging between evidence-based content and fun, game-based programs offered in a mobile application.

Mobile applications have been recently shown to be supportive of engaging in physical activity among adolescents while game-based content was associated with higher levels of physical activity. Social inclusion is also an important goal for the current project as it gives an opportunity for reaching out to a larger population whether it is due to localisation and lack of adequate infrastructure or unusual epidemic restrictions. Hence an international approach with the cooperation of world-class experts with experienced researchers is a promising consortium set up to achieve projects’ goals.

The project is designed to achieve three goals with a logical, evidence-based approach. Firstly, the literature review will be carried out to establish the baseline picture for the current state of physical activity among adolescents. Secondly, research will be carried out to fill the gaps and to establish the physical activity levels among adolescents in participating countries. Our project promotes the increase of capacity and professionalism when working at EU/international level.

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There are 3 general objectives of the project.

The first objective is to develop a baseline picture of the current state of physical activity levels among adolescents in the participating countries. The aim of this objective is to better understand the current status of physical activity in participating countries and to explore how mobile phones can better serve to enhance their physical activity levels.

The second objective is to develop and deliver an age appropriate tool that will support the promotion of physical activity among adolescents. The tool will be in the form of a mobile application with evidence- based content.

Raise higher awareness for the importance of physical activity for the health and well-being.

To achieve these objectives following actions will be taken:

1. Develop state of the art knowledge about the current state of physical activity among adolescents by carrying literature review. Review evidence of the use of mobile phones to support physical activity.

2. Develop evidence based content for the physical activity program, implemented through a mobile application. The application will have content developed by experts to promote behaviour change as well as innovative technology such as gamification techniques and geolocalisation based games and activities.

3. Educational content will be provided explaining in detail, why exercise is important for health and how it benefits both physical and psychological well-being.