COFAC is a non-profit cooperative, responsible for the management of Lusófona University, recognised by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education in 1998, is the largest private university in Portugal and integrates 10 Higher Education Institutes in Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau. The University has a large experience in research and project management of European and international projects. At the moment, the University has 8 (eight) research units in several scientific areas that integrate more than 400 researchers and regularly promote scientific projects and initiatives.


Lúcia Gomes, PhD

Professor Lúcia Gomes – Has vast experience as a PE teacher and University teacher.
Her areas of expertise are promotion of physical activity at school and didactics and pedagogy, of Physical Education and Sport. She has a Doctorate in Physical Education and Sports, a Master degree in Sport Psychology and a Physical Education and Sport Degree.

Hugo Vieira Pereira, PhD

Bachelor in Sport Science, Master in Exercise and Health and PhD. In Physical Activity and Health.
He is a Professor in Lusófona University. His research is mostly on motivation towards PA, and behaviour change techniques and behaviour sustainability. Has experience in PA promotion programs for children (FitnessGRAM Portugal) and multi centre RCT development, implementation and evaluation (EuroFIT).

Diogo Santos Teixeira, PhD

Degree in Physical Education and Sport, Master degree in Exercise and Well-Being, Doctorate degree in Physical Activity and Health. Diogo is a Professor and researcher in ULHT /CIDEFES. His research is focused on emotional and motivational aspects of behavior in several physical activity settings. He has professional experience with youth sport education and has published literature in the project participant’s agerange.

Marlene Nunes Silva, PhD

Professor Marlene Nunes Silva, besides being a researcher on health promotion, with a solid track record of funded projects and publications, has a vast experience as Director of the National Programme for Physical Activity Promotion of the Portuguese Directorate-General of Health. She is also the Director of the master’s degree in Education, Sport and Physical Literacy of FEFD-UL.

António Labisa Palmeira, PhD

Professor  António Palmeira has vast experience in coordinating national and international-level research projects and programs. He is the Director of the CIDEFES Research Center, the Director of the PhD and MSc program in Exercise and Health; and the Executive Director of the International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.