The results of the Move4Fun research were presented at the 8th World Conference on Qualitative Research, in Azores, Portugal, by Lúcia Gomes, from Lusófona University.

The paper titled “Perspectives on Smartphone Applications for Physical Activity Promotion: Insights from Focus Group Discussions” explored adolescents’ perceptions of apps promoting physical activity, offering insights into their preferences and the obstacles they face in embracing technology for leading healthier lifestyles.

Received by international experts and researchers attending the conference, this presentation marks another milestone of the Move4Fun project through its contribution to the literature on children and teenagers’ active lifestyles in Europe, and their use of technology to enhance physical activity.

The key findings of this research include results such as adolescents’ preference for app personalisation and multifaceted features, as well as for challenge-based approaches. Other results highlight the importance it is given to features such as self-monitoring, social support, and reminders, all of which are crucial for the development of the Move4Fun app, which will be made available in the upcoming months.

Lúcia Gomes is a Professor at the Lusofona University, in Portugal, and a researcher at CIDEFES – Research Center in Sport, Physical Education, Exercise and Health.

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