The Move4fun consortium has had its second TPM in the Swedish city of Umeå, home to Umeå University, on the 5th and 6th of September.

Our partners have taken the chance to deepen discussions and present their ideas for the Move4Fun app, mainly the gamification aspects and the exercises included.

The main focus of this meeting was to provide an update on all the project’s processes and debate about the best ways to keep our young audience engaged. Privacy protection and safeguarding have been core topics of the discussion, as Move4Fun is committed to protecting children’s data across Europe.

The Move4fun team discussing GPR and how to protect youngster’s data in the app

By the end of the meeting, our team had already prepared some draft ideas and a potential list of exercises and BTCs that can be applied to engage our audience and empower them to learn more about sports and health.

These will be the core documents used to develop the application, determining its visual aspect, dynamic, and user experience. Our partners from CuiCui Studios will use it as a basis to develop the software.

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